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(RP journal for Aleksand of Puelath; mun is Rudje.)

Aleksand is a dragonrider (and either an ex-bandit or current mob boss depending on the setting) who has very severe ADHD; Puelath is her dragon, a female based on traditional unicorns. They're both jerks, just in different flavors of it, and Puelath spends a lot of time keeping Aleksand from fucking up TOO much.
More on Aleksand herself.
More on Puelath.

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XaaaCiverse Pern: A Dragonriders of Pern-based setting with heavy influences from the Ar Tonelico series; the tl;dr is that after an unidentified object collided with Pern, women with strange powers and long lifespans started to be born, and Pern's basically been trying to cope with that. Also, there's a mafia. Detailed info about it here.
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